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MEDICAL CLAIMS Rx, Inc. is a patient advocate and insurance advisory service established in 1986 to assist patients and their families on an hourly fee basis with all aspects of medical and long-term care expense and reimbursement. 

We represent patients in negotiations with insurance companies, hospitals, doctors, nursing homes and other providers to ensure medical and long-term care claims are paid properly and patient balances are correct.

We help resolve disputed claims. ​

We provide consultations to review and analyze health and long-term care insurance policies and assist with selecting new plans. ​

We offer long-term care insurance when appropriate.



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About Us

Brad Fox

Brad founded Medical Claims Rx in 1986, with the twin goals of helping patients manage the challenges of the health care reimbursement system, and to gain an understanding of what a successful and equitable health care system would look like.  The challenges today are different than in 1986, and the focus of Brad's efforts has shifted from primarily managing medical and long-term care bills and claims to counseling clients on their health and long-term care insurance options and assisting them with plan enrollments when appropriate.  He is also a licensed long-term care insurance agent.  Brad has found an equitable health care system to be attainable but elusive.  Brad graduated from Lehigh University, majoring in Business and Economics.  He earned a Master's Degree in Health Administration and Comprehensive Health Planning from Cornell University. 

Caroline has been with Medical Claims Rx since 2003.  She is involved in all aspects of client services, with an emphasis on Long-Term Care insurance and claims.  Caroline has obtained well over $30 million in LTC benefits for our clients.  She has appealed and won important precedent-setting cases involving interpretation of LTC policy terms and benefits.  Caroline reviews LTC policies for clients who want to better understand their coverage.  She also manages medical bills and claims, and counsels patients on Medicare, Medicare supplement, Part D, and ACA plan options.  Caroline graduated suma cum laude from Southern Oregon University with a B.S. in Political Science.  Before coming to Medical Claims Rx, Caroline had over sixteen years experience in corporate finance for international companies, as well as five years clinical finance experience at Duke Medical Center.

Caroline Cameron



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